Designing brands that work in every context

The creative team at fd2s builds powerful brands that go beyond print and digital, interacting with audiences in the built environment. fd2s understands what questions to ask and provides straightforward guidance, collaborating with our clients to solve their design challenges in a continually evolving marketplace. We challenge what is, using a combination of in-depth research, experimentation, and creative intuition, and imagine what could be.

Utilizing our holistic and forward-looking approach to branding and experiential graphic design, fd2s empowers you to connect with and engage your audience in every context.

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Creating stories that engage your customer beyond two dimensions

A successful brand is built on purpose, its core promises, and how customers experience its products, services, and people. Logos alone don’t tell the entire story. At fd2s, we collaborate with our clients to shape narratives that cast the customer as the main character. This foundation sets the stage for engaging interactions on the printed page, on the screen, and in the built world. Businesses ranging from retailers to healthcare institutions to arts organizations trust us to ask the right questions, conduct in-depth research, and harness the intuition that comes from our experience to build a brand that works in every context.


We lay the foundation for every interaction your customers have with your brand, building a story that places them at the center.


We set the tone for your brand communication, creating consistent messaging that connects with your customer.

Identity Development

We design your brand’s visual identity to work in every context from the digital world to physical environments.

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How a great narrative can bring together wayfinding and placemaking strategies to create intimate shopping experiences in Sao Paulo.

Helping people find their way

Customers’ experience of your brand has only just begun when they walk through the door. Through our deep understanding of how people interact with their surroundings, we help you guide customers through the physical environment. Our strategic wayfinding programs include the design of signage, printed materials, technology, and architectural enhancements alongside budgeting and phased implementation plans.

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fd2s is committed to promoting sustainable design and fabrication practices.

Improving the patient and visitor experience begins with evaluating your current wayfinding program. Read our white paper Healthcare Wayfinding Self-Evaluation.

Coordination and consensus building takes strategy with healthcare wayfinding committees. Read our white paper Making the Case for Wayfinding Committees.

Just getting started? Ground yourself with our white paper Introduction to Wayfinding Master Plans.


Connecting story and place to create memorable experiences

Creating a sense of place shapes how customers interact with brands. Recognized globally for our ability to tell clear stories in physical spaces, we collaborate with architects, landscape architects, artists and planners to connect people to their environment. Private workplaces, retail stores, and large, mixed-use developments benefit from our placemaking programs that set the stage for distinctive experiences.

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Making donors an essential part of the story

In today’s complex giving ecosystem, donor recognition programs must honor multiple levels of donors, communicate the institution’s broader mission, and engage visitors and future donors. Weaving together the organization’s story with architecture and technology, we design donor recognition schemes that inspire, encourage, and inform, helping institutions exceed multifaceted campaign goals.

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Addressing new donor recognition challenges and opportunities with a strategy-first approach. Read our white paper on Donor Recognition.


Technology-forward donor recognition installation anchors new headquarters at LSU