Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Feature Wall Utilizes Dynamic and Static Elements to Thank Donors

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

As lead consultant on a multi-disciplinary design team, including architect, lighting designer, interactive designer, cost consultant, and custom signage fabricator, fd2s developed this marquee donor wall in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s main lobby. The installation honors contributors to the hospital’s Chairman’s Circle fundraising campaign as well as annual gifts.

Members of the Chairman’s Circle are identified with etched acrylic “ingots” that are illuminated with concealed LED fixtures contained in horizontal rails that comprise a large, cropped circle composition, which pays homage to the campaign name. Annual gifts are recognized in an interactive “niche” composed of three monitors behind glass that allow visitors to search and access various groups of donors, donor stories, patient testimonials, and other types of content on the organization. Glass components of the 55-foot-long donor wall are illuminated with programmable LEDs to allow for seasonal and event-specific effects.

  • Categories: Donor Recognition / Healthcare
  • Client: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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