Duke University Medical Center

Durham, North Carolina Signage Program Helps Orient People Within Venerable Institution

Duke University Medical Center

fd2s programmed, designed, documented, and provided contract administration services for wayfinding for a series of initiatives for the Medical Center, including the expansion and renovation of its Emergency Department, the Duke Clinic, and the Patient Rapid Transit system (or PRT).

The Medical Center’s existing Emergency Department was doubled in size and now includes an integrated Pediatric ED. fd2s not only addressed the wayfinding challenges but focused on creating a sense of orientation and hospitality in the lobby and at key decision points by deploying large-scale graphic images of North Carolina’s various geographic regions. This theme of utilizing iconic images as landmarks for orientation also conveys to the Duke Clinic and instill a sense of the history, values, and mission of the institution.

Our team also conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Duke Clinic, a facility comprising multiple buildings connected to a large parking structure. The subsequent implementation of wayfinding elements, as informed by the analysis, includes a broad range of modifications and improvements to the interior environment. An added benefit of the aforementioned landmark graphics is they help distinguish public spaces from staff areas.

Additionally, fd2s conducted a fast-tracked, on-site study of the user experience associated with the Medical Center’s PRT system, which is a two-track, underground rail line that transports patients, visitors, and staff between the hospitals, clinics, and parking facilities. Upon observing various users engaging the PRT, experiencing the system firsthand, and interviewing Medical Center staff, our team recommended potential areas of improvement for facilities, operations, and user education.

  • Categories: Healthcare
  • Client: Duke University Medical Center

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