Parque D. Pedro

Parque D. Pedro

Using identity to carve intimate customer experiences into a 1.2 million-square-foot shopping mall

Parque D. Pedro

Brand-forward wayfinding and placemaking in a large retail environment

How do you infuse context and energy into a massive 1.2 million-square-foot shopping mall so that it captivates customers? fd2s was tasked with first, developing the underlying narrative, name, and visual identity for Sao Paulo’s Parque D. Pedro, then translating that story into the physical space to help customers find their way around the complex. fd2s wove the nature-themed identity through the site by creating shopping zones with architectural and visual landmarks to identify them. In designing a unique sense of place for each shopping zone, fd2s incorporated exterior signage, floor treatments, and atmospheric elements including seasonal vignettes to further orient customers within the mall environment.

Building the foundation for a 360-degree brand experience

Parque D. Pedro was essentially a million-square-foot blank canvas. fd2s developed the themes at the foundation of the shopping experience and build those into a visual language that could be used across all public areas, the exterior and interior signage, a set of tenant identification standards, and a comprehensive wayfinding system. fd2s also designed environmental components such as three-dimensional installations and seasonal pageantry, helping Parque D. Pedro deliver an all-around experience for customers.

  • “We enlisted fd2s to help us make sense of wide-ranging design opportunities at the inordinately large Parque D. Pedro shopping center. fd2s evolved an innovative, far-reaching thematic design vocabulary that fit seamlessly with the architecture we were trying to create. From oversized entry billboards to Portuguese cobblestone paving patterns, fd2s contributed mightily to the overall aesthetic success of the project. Our experience working in Brazil with fd2s was um prazer grande, a great pleasure.”
  • — Ed Jenkins, Principal, Laguarda Low

Placemaking as orientation

Signage and maps are only the beginning when it comes to directing visitors. Environmental graphics that lend a sense of place and atmosphere can go a long way towards building a memorable experience for customers as well as deliver information and help shoppers find their way. fd2s used the brand identity and story to create landmarks that provide distinction to the basic building structure. Thematic visuals, numbers, and colors used across all of the customer-facing elements identify unique shopping zones and further help to orient visitors.