Sea Scout Base Galveston

Sea Scout Base Galveston

Reinforcing and enriching the scouting experience through wayfinding and educational signage

Sea Scout Base Galveston

Encouraging discovery through wayfinding and educational signage

How do you educate and delight children in a LEED-certified center for maritime conservation? fd2s designed a comprehensive wayfinding and signage program for Sea Scout Base in Galveston that encourages environmentalism through discovery, supports conservation through action, and reinforces scouting traditions in a way that also connects with broader audiences.

Universal adventures with a scouting spirit

Key to this project’s success was ensuring that the traditions and lore of the scouting brand were alive throughout all the details. At the same time, the design elements needed to connect with the community as a whole and support a variety of children’s groups in this mixed-use facility. fd2s created many all-inclusive opportunities for discovery with interactive maritime and environmental teaching displays and applied a rich repository of iconography to support the rituals of scouting and sailing. Dotted throughout are narrative elements reinforcing the values of scouting, such as badges, light totems inscribed with the 12 Scouting Laws, and a plaza, custom designed for general gatherings.

Educating through experience

Sea Scout Base Galveston was conceived as a place for learning. fd2s developed a scheme of strategically-placed opportunities for teaching through discovery throughout the entire complex. Graphics that highlight the benefits of the buddy system, how to identify the force of winds, the position of sails at the different points of sailing, dock identifiers that help orient scouts and visitors to fixed points on the water, and semaphore icons that teach signaling help shape the experience of youths of all ages on and off the water.

Sustainable, LEED-friendly design

A focal point of the signage program is an interpretive wall in the five-story, 60,000 square foot dormitory building. Constructed from wood salvaged from the Elissa, a floating historic landmark from the Texas Seaport Museum, this visual centerpiece highlights information about Galveston Island, the sustainability initiatives for the project, and information about scouting. Sea Scout Base Galveston has earned a LEED platinum designation for its commitment to environmental education and to using sustainable materials throughout the built environment.