University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lending Clarity to Oklahoma's Largest Medical Center

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Working in concert with representatives of the University Hospital Authority & Trust and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, fd2s conceived a robust exterior and interior wayfinding strategy for the Oklahoma Health Center in Oklahoma City, a campus with major plans for expansion. The fd2s team conducted a comprehensive on-site assessment, our Experience Audit, of the campus to gain first-hand insights to its wayfinding challenges.

The projects recommended by the wayfinding master plan are informed by five categories of research undertaken by fd2s: enactments of typical user scenarios; interviews with staff from numerous departments; information desk observations; destination tracking, and patient shadowing. The primary outcome of our research is a clear understanding of the wayfinding information hierarchy (destination names, locations, circulation routes, campus definition) that must be delivered in various media (verbal, electronic, on signs and printed communications pieces) to achieve the Health Center’s communications objectives and respond to user expectations.

The lack of an umbrella identity, clearly articulated thresholds, and a hierarchy for campus destinations has resulted in an environment that is unnecessarily difficult for both motorists and pedestrians to navigate. Recent and ongoing construction projects coupled with street renaming necessitate a fundamental shift in the way first-time visitors, patients, and students are directed to the campus, and ultimately to their destination.

  • Categories: Healthcare
  • Client: University of Oklahoma Health

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