University of Texas Mike A. Myers Stadium

Austin, Texas Bold Stripes in Collegiate Colors Distinguish Stadium Wayfinding

University of Texas Mike A. Myers Stadium

At the Mike A. Myers Stadium and Soccer Field on the University of Texas at Austin campus, fd2s designed a program of wayfinding and identification graphics that gives identity and sense-of-place to an otherwise utilitarian and cost-conscious facility. The two-tone orange stripes that unify the components are a fresh interpretation of the University’s traditional orange and white color scheme, and also subtly suggest the tone-on-tone banding of a freshly mown athletic field.

Tight budgets were met by using a palette of very simple shapes, and straightforward hardware and mounting systems, while the bold colors and uncluttered typography give the system a high level of presence in the environment.

  • Categories: Retail/Cultural/Sports
  • Client: University of Texas System

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