University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas Wayfinding Helps Unify Sprawling Suburban Campus

University of Texas at San Antonio

For the 600-acre main campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, fd2s developed signage standards that place a heavy emphasis on creating a “sense-of-place” for the suburban campus, utilizing a pylon-style design to give a stronger presence to many of the signage components. These components included vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding elements, building and parking lot identification, campus entry monuments, and regulatory signage.

 The program was documented in an exhaustive standards manual that provided detailed guidelines for the design and fabrication of all components of the system, while also incorporating a level of flexibility that will allow University staff and future consultants to adapt the standards to the various situations that may develop as the campus continues to expand.

fd2s was later engaged to modify the standards for the University’s Downtown campus, and has since helped to implement the standards at a variety of new buildings and campus expansions.

  • Categories: Civic/Campus
  • Client: University of Texas System

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